• Image of Redemption Heights Graphic Novel

Welcome to Redemption Heights, the home and base of operations for the beings charged with collecting the souls of humanity. One such collector is Dana, a dark angel of death.

When a collector named David is sent to spy on the residents of Redemption Heights, He is brutally murdered and all signs point to Dana. She must prove her Innocence and expose a conspiracy that will rock the foundations of Redemption Heights and bring two millennia of the collectors to an end.

Redemption Heights is the new book from writer Adam Cheal (Toxic Storm, Terminus at Fenton’s Green, British Showcase Anthology) and newcomer artist Adam Brown. This supernatural mystery is based in a world where nothing is what it seems and danger can be found around every corner. The unique art style of Adam Brown is the perfect match for the twisted fantasy world that Adam Cheal has created.

To add even more value to this package and to complement the main book, the short story “Tinker, Tailor, Sinner, Skinner” has also been included as a bonus. This story tells a short back story from a character in the book called “Skinner”. This terrifying short will also feature in the “British Showcase Anthology Vol 2”.

92 pages Full Colour